Chia Seed Diet

Is the Chia Seed Diet a Fad?

Short answer = Yes. Chia seeds and diets based on them have exploded on to the nutrition and weight loss scene in recent years.  Much like seaweed salad, many claim that the chia seed is a magical food that will lead to weight loss if your diet is based on them.  The reality is that while chia seeds are among the most nutritious foods you can eat, if you eat too many of them, as with any food, you will still gain weight.  Any diet that has chia seeds as the primary food should be ignored in favor of a well balanced one featuring moderate portions of all of the food groups.

Nuts and seeds are generally high in unsaturated fat.  Since fats pack more calories than an equal size of carbohydrates or protein, it is important you do not over-consume snacks based on them if you are watching your weight.  Chia seeds are packed with nutrients so you can get all of the health benefits of them with a just a small portion.  Our bodies are not capable of storing long term supplies of vitamins.  Thinking you can get a “super dose” by consuming an entire  bag of chia seeds that will last for weeks is foolish.  Eating a handful of them every day is a much more effective method of maximizing their nutritional benefits. readers know that portion control is really the key to any successful diet.  By eating small amounts throughout the day, you are able to maintain a more steady blood sugar level and reduce cravings which lead to over consumption of food.  The typical delay between the stomach signaling your brain that it is full is usually about 15 to 20 minutes.  It is in this time most of the damage is done for those of us with expanding waistlines.   Several proven methods including monitoring chemical senses information, snaking before meals, and even putting your fork down after each bite have enabled people to achieve their weight loss goals through portion control.  Snacking on Chia seeds will help you do the same.

In addition to feeling less hungry Chia Seeds will provide you the following additional benefits:

-          Aid in Digestion

-          Provide more Antioxidants than an equal amount of Blueberries

-          Reduce LDL Cholesterol

-          Provide 100%  of recommended daily dose of Iron, Calcium, & Magnesium

-          Provide All 9 Amino-Acids

-          Adhere to Gluten free diet

In summary, chia seeds are among the most healthy snacks you can have.  Chia seed meals or diets on the other hand are not recommended by  Go ahead and buy a bag or two which should last you many weeks.