Smoked Salmon

If you’re thinking about dinner but you want to be healthy, it can be easy to assume that you’ll be eating dry, tasteless food and all you’ll want is something greasy and fattening! However, this common misconception is totally untrue. Healthy food like seaweed salad does not have to be a drag and can be paired with other healthy alternatives like smoked salmon. And with it becoming much easier to smoke food at home, you can still have that smoky, grilled flavor without adding the pounds.

One of the tastiest smoked dishes out there is smoked salmon. Smoked salmon and the use of salmon smokers date back hundreds, if not thousands of years as smoked salmon has an incredibly long shelf-life because the salmon smoker preserves the meat and prevents it from rotting. Now, smoked salmon can be found in many Michelin Star recipes and restaurants, smoked salmon soup and smoked salmon en croute, for instance.

Smoked salmon is high in omega-3 and omega-5 oils which can help with concentration and the fish also offers a vital source of protein which is essential for muscle growth and muscle repair. The oil in smoked salmon can even make the fish taste like you’re having something a little greasy, but this is not the case, it’s completely healthy. Besides all that, smoked salmon tastes great!

However, sometimes buying smoked salmon can be a little more expensive than buying plain salmon. Similarly, if you catch your own fish or buy it straight from the source, it does not come out of the water pre-smoked! In this case, it can be a cheap and fun alternative to smoke your own salmon. For this you’ll need to invest in a salmon smoker.

The most popular type of salmon smoker is a cold salmon smoker. This small machine (which looks like a metal Sodastream) keeps the salmon cold as it smokes, making sure that the salmon is smoked correctly and thoroughly. Salmon smokers are not terribly expensive and the freshness of home-made smoked salmon well repays for the cost of the machine and the persistence displayed on the part of the customer! The best salmon smokers can be bought for around $350 and can be used to smoke game meat, bacon and cheeses as well. Most will come complete with grill trays, hooks and stainless steel parts to ensure longevity, quality and cleanliness. Make sure that if you use your salmon smoker for smoking other non-fish products that you wash it well before use so that the smell and taste of smoked salmon does not contaminate inappropriate food stuffs!

So, there you have it, smoked salmon and salmon smokers are a great way to spruce things up in the kitchen. You’ll be able to experience an ancient preservation method in your own home for a few dollars and a bit of time. This is definitely a great addition to the home of any keen angler or hunter who likes to eat there own game/catch. Remember that most salmon smokers are guaranteed products and it’s usually better to buy a pack than trying to make one without any previous experience of open-room or gate-house smoking techniques. Happy smoking!